Home Accessibility Assessments are used to:

"Keeping you home longer and safer"

  •  Home Accessibility consultation completed by a licensed Occupational Therapist with an ATP, CAPS, and ECHM certification
  • Modification recommendations that are needed for elderly, medical challenges, increased falls, aging in place, and to promote independent living
  • Evaluating modifications needed for client specific goals and their physical challenges to make their home environment functional to reach the highest level of independence
  • Can work with clients, contractors, or builders to assist with recommendations 

Home Accessibility Consultant


Home Modification Design, LLC

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  • Promoting independence
  • Allow a barrier free environment by use of items such as ramps, grab bars, heighten commodes, shower benches, modified kitchens, widened or modified door ways
  • Home safety
  • Universal design used if preferred for aesthetics when shared living areas
  • Home modifications used for use of assistive devices, adaptive equipment, and durable medical equipment when needed to reach goals of client, family and caregivers.
  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle to decrease risk of depression or a since of loss of independence and promote an increase in social interaction

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